Quality policy

PadidAb-Sepahanconsultingengineering company;

Counselor in designing the projects of water transfer and distribution network; wastewater collection, transfer and treatment network;irrigation and drainage network; river engineering and bank protection; dam engineering; residential, commercial, office, industrial, and military buildings engineering; environmental engineering; technical inspection; safety, risk reduction and passive defense; land surveying for continuous improvement as well as increase in the customer satisfaction which causes the retention of company, has taken measures to implement the IMS and HSE-M systems. To do so, the company declares its goals and policies as follows:
1. Continuous improvement and development in the design methods in accordance with the international standards
2. To increase the customers' trust and satisfaction
3. To reduce the risk of work place
4. To optimize the resource use (paper, power, etc.)
I, the manager of the company, undertake to observe all the standards requirements and lead the company towards the improvement. As well, I'm committed to have continuous supervision and review on the company's policies through my representatives on an annual basis.
The manager of the company
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